Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Privilege of Sitting Under the Preaching of God's Word

This past week has given me the opportunity to sit under the preaching of God's Word on two different occasions. First was on Sunday morning at the 11:15 am worship service here at FPC. John Kinser preached on Romans 1:16-32. It was a very, very powerful exposition of that passage which is so pertinent to our present day here in America. I found my soul rebuked, nourished, and encouraged. Since I am usually preaching on Sunday mornings, this was a great privilege to join in worship as a congregant. The second opportunity came today at a noon luncheon we have every Wednesday at FPC. Stephen Maginas (a former church member who is heading to Greece with RUF as a missionary to university students) was in town and I asked him to preach and to report on the work upon which he and wife, Leslie, are embarking.  He preached from Matt. 18 and Col.2:13-14 on the subject of the problem of debt. Again, the Holy Spirit used it in a powerful way in my life.